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Stanka as a model (13)

Stanka as a model

Stanka start to write poems when she was nine years old. She was born in Čakovec (north of Croatia), and now she lives and works in Zagreb. Gjurić is a member of the Croatian Writers’ Association,  Croatian community of independent artists,  Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Diaspora (St. Gallen, Switzerland), and Croatian Composers Society.

Until today she published 20 books (poetry, philosophical and lyrical essays), poems on CD, and collection of video poetry on YouTube titled “Selected poems and new ones”. Her work have been published in all major literary periodicals and many anthologies. Her poems are translated in English, Arab, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, French.
In 1988. her poems were printed in American Anthology of World Love poems: Love’s greatest Treasures: Today’s Poets Speak from the hear published by the American Poetry Association in Santa Cruz (CA)​. In January 2009 Stanka became a Croatian Friend-Advisor for World Peace Tour for Children.
As the author’s spectrum of interest is rather broad, besides modeling she has tried her skills as an actress and acted in seven feature films. Here is the link to her profile on IMDb In addition to many interests, beside her activity as professional writer, she has worked also as author TV host, and newspaper columnist in many popular dailies and weeklies.
After entering the world of film making (since 2006), Stanka gain worldwide acclaim. She had a special success with her short film Ubojite misli (Battle Thoughts). Her film was shown in France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Switzerland, Slovenia, Egypt, Canada, Srbia, USA, Republic of South Africa, Argentina, India, Russia, Austria, U.K., Bangladesh, Pakistan, Algeria, etc.
Until today she shoot cca 20 films and won 23 International awards.
What’s most interesting about her filmmaking career is that she is a film director, producer, screenwriter, film editor, and cinematographer of her own films.

In 2019, on famous IMDb, Gjurić is on the list of ‘Croatian Beautiful, Famous & Sexy Actresses’, as one of the sixteen most beautiful Croatian actresses.

She started to write a public diary in her former website in early 1996, which (the web site) at the time was rarity in ex Yugoslavia, so we can say that with the public diary revelations Gjurić was the forerunner in publishing something that today we call blog.